The weekly roundup – Easter celebration

Help our furry friends find those eggs.

Happy Easter beloved readers! I hope you had fun with all the festivities, including the search for those elusive Easter eggs. Did you know that those colored eggs we love to hunt trace back to the Greek and Syrian Christians, who exchanged crimson eggs “to represent the blood of Christ”? There are many things we can learn about how Easter is celebrated, but it’s important for us to  remember what it truly represents: the culmination of the sacrifice of our Lord, and the beginning of a new life.

Now, let’s put all those eggs aside and proceed to our weekly roundup:

  • See how Digitel stocks may move in the next two months. Time to make those investment decisions.
  • Rural living and accessibility combined: Suntrust Sentosa offers peace and modernity in Laguna.
  • Obama’s net worth is $5M. Click here to find out how much other American presidents were worth.