The News Roundup – March 19, 2012: Ready for takeoff

Bullish Philippine Stock Market: Let the good times roll.

The latest news shaping the Philippine landscape, after the break.


  • 20.59 billion Pesos. That’s how much how the six biggest real estate names in the Philippines have raked in profit, combined, in just one quarter. Things are looking up for developers, both in the  residential and office space segments.
  • Speaking of cash-rich companies, that little business that Steve Jobs left behind is wondering what to do with its own mountain of cash. Stockholders are clamoring for a dividend, while customers should suggest an iPad 3 price subsidy. In related news, Apple (APL) stock is on a scary tear right now.
  • The Philippine Stock market continues its bullish run, thanks to the faith local and foreign investors’ are showing in the market environment.
  • Look who’s set up shop in the Philippines; Ferrari and Maserati, are now on display in Taguig. If you’ve got the cash and the willingness to plow through the congested roads of Manila with a beautiful monster of a machine, feel free to visit their showroom.
  • Debit or credit? It seems Visa that foresees a more optimistic future with the former, due to Pinoy’s more frugal spending habits and increasing dependence on debit cards for smaller, everyday transactions.
  • The Philippines has all the pieces in place for an economic takeoff; government spending, improvements in Mindanao, and a new market to sell goods in China are among the many reasons why.
  • Foreign investors are opening the floodgates this year; Thailand is leading the way with Php 2.2 billion worth of investments last February. Japan comes in with their introduction of the Vios as part of the manufacturing lineup in the Philippines.


Parting Link: Your Weekly Inspiration

To end this post on an inspiring note, here’s a great story on how the Filipino values of  hard work and pagmamalasakit served as the foundation of one of the Philippines’ most successful chain of take-out restaurants today, Amber Restaurants.