Moving forward while looking back

Fireworks on display at Rizal Park. Photo courtesy of Associated Press. Image from

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2011. The new year is about the bright futures and optimistic resolutions, but let’s also take a look back at powerful moments in the past year. After all, 2011 has changed us, and hopefully, made us prepared for 2012. Here are our top moments for 2011:

P-Noy keeps his word. Noynoy Aquino was elected to his seat of power on the promise of changing the seemingly immovable aura of corruption in the Philippine government. The 15th Philippine President set forth a wave of change, emphasizing transparency, hard work, and a commitment for truth. He went after those with crimes from the past administr with impeachment case against s, electional. It looks the future of Philippine politics is not as bleak as pessimists claim to be. This 2012, we have 2 wishes for our dear President. First, may he continue to purge our government of its reputation of corruption. Second, may he find as much as success in his love life as his political career.

Every Filipino's Hero.

The Global Pinoy: Filipino of the Year? Many of us would not have been able to celebrate our Christmas with such delicious feasts and wonderful gifts if not for the money sent home by our hardworking parents, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters abroad, striving for a better future far away from the country they call home. Remittance inflows may be the more accurate metric of how much of an effect our fellow OFWs have brought to our lives but there is nothing more sincere than the improved lives of their families. Filipinos abroad continue to have an impact on the Philippines, from the way real estate giants build OFW centers in malls, to how much more children get enrolled in school with their tuition paid with remittances.

Now, here’s a quick view into what we can see as an exciting year this 2012:

Fresh new cars for 2012. We’re betting auto enthusiasts are salivating over the newest Honda Civic, the long-awaited refresh of the Mazda 3, and maybe even a brand new Toyota Camry.

Properties to watch for in 2012. Watch out for record-breaking properties this 2012. There’s the tallest building in the country, the most “green” high-rise building, and the Philippines’ newest international caliber indoor arena.

On a final note, we have one question for you: Do your New Year’s Resolutions reveal anything about your 2011, or will they define your 2012? Have a Fruitful New Year!