Then and Now: Nichols Field

Nichols Field as seen from an approaching aircraft, circa 1941.

Few people today know that the area occupied by NAIA and Villamor Airbase used to be know as Nichols Field. This strategic piece of land used to serve the 20th US Airbase Group of the Far East Air Force before becoming the location of the Philippine Air Force’s headquarters, and one of the major gateways to Luzon.

NAIA Terminal 3

Today, Nichols Field is home to Newport City, another township project of Megaworld Corporation. Those flying in via NAIA Terminal 3 will quickly spot this bustling community, with Resorts World Manila standing out in the scene, complete with hotels, shopping malls, and casinos. One would quickly assume that Newport City is the place for top-caliber entertainment.

Resorts World Manila complex, located in front of NAIA Terminal 3.

But Megaworld Corporation is taking Newport City one step further, by offering premium residential areas in the complex. Several residential options are found within the vicinity, such as The Parkside Villas, which boasts of lush greens as it fronts the golf course. Another option is The Palmtree (and The Palmtree Two), which offers quick access to Resorts Worlds’ entertainment amenities. Newport Boulevard also offers a host of condominiums, all of which cater to those who want a taste of “the city that never sleeps”. All these units can be availed via UnionBank financing, which also entitles the borrower to other incentives.

The Newport Masterplan. Can you see yourself here?

So what do you think? A city near the airport, complete with entertainment features, and a short drive away from the business district. Do you see yourself living here? Tell us your insights and hit us up in the comments section below.

It’s time once again to show that Bayanihan attitude we Filipinos are known for, as our brothers and sisters in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan are in need of our help. Typhoon Sendong has brought massive floods to parts of Mindanao, and left a trail of destruction. The government is doing its best to make the situation better, but we can all do our part in helping out. Head on over to the Philippine Red Crosssite to donate, or send your donations to them care of UnionBank:

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