World Class State of Mind

National pride on display

The past week has been a plethora of  achievements on a global scale for the Philippines. Case in point, check out the recent victories of our athletes in the Southeast Asian games. Don’t you feel proud to be a Filipino, wherever you may be?  For our news update, we’ve decided to make one very important point: Pinoys exude excellence, no matter what field or topic. So here’s the list for the 21st day of November as to why being Pinoy deserves having a world-class, awesome swagger:

  1. Tourism: Meet the Philippines’ representative to the list of New 7 wonders of the world.
  2. Finance: Philippine banks’ trading gains face adversity in the form of rising interest rates, but stand strong because of healthy profits from corporate and consumer loans.
  3. Property: As if it needed any more, our shiny Makati business district just got a dash of glamorous living, courtesy of the newest ,affluent residences in town.
  4. Diplomacy: P-Noy is at it again, flashing his excellent diplomatic skills; this time to our South Korean neighbors.
  5. Beauty: Once again, we find ourselves near the top of the Ms. World pageant

So, do you have any more recent news where Pinoys deserve a standing ovation? Give us your feedback in the comments section. Lastly: If you thought you’ve had enough illustrations of Pinoy excellence, it looks like we’re attempting to set another Guiness record. As they say, leave no stone unturned.