The weekly roundup – A different era

Will we ever see another Steve Jobs keynote?

It’s been more than a week since Steve Jobs handed over the reigns of Apple to Tim Cook, many citing medical concerns as the primary cause. With Steve taking a backseat, many ponder about the future of Apple, and the vision the new CEO will bring to its products. Apple’s success has always been attributed to Steve’s eccentric behavior and minimalist approach. Fortunately, many analysts still think the company will survive the post-Jobs era, as Steve did a great job (no pun intended) in cascading the Apple way of thinking to its leadership pipeline. It’s not the same as 1985, where Steve was forced out of Apple and there was no clear direction for the company.

Apple stocks have been on the positive side lately, thanks to rumors of the upcoming next generation iPhone and iPad, as well as the much anticipated roll-out of iOS 5 and iCloud. What are your thoughts on the issue? Will Apple be the same with a different guy calling the shots? Only time can tell. For now, let’s take a peek at other news:

  • Restaurant chain Pancake House, Inc. buys Yellow Cab for PHP800M, solidifying its presence in the food industry.
  • The government is proposing a four day work week, to minimize cost for both employee and employer. How will this affect regular services in the Philippines?
  • Living in the heart of the business district is definitely a plus, especially for the working class. With Megaworld’s new Greenbelt Hamilton, the skyscrapers of Makati is just a stroll away!
  • Luxurious living doesn’t have to be expensive. The Mandarin Tower in Pasay City offers resort style amenities that can rival expensive holiday destinations at an affordable price.
  • Ever wanted to work for a tech company? Check out the 25 best in terms of employee culture for 2011. Are Apple and Facebook in the list?