The weekly roundup – Viral

Viral: one of today’s marketing buzzwords. Just like the flu, today’s ads must easily catch on, and thanks to Facebook and similar social media channels, ad agencies are now able to keep track of how many people have viewed or liked a certain video. Take for example the video above, more than 15 million views and still growing. Marketing in the social media era is not only about brand exposure, it’s about providing entertainment, and sharing it to the rest of society. To achieve this, one needs the right mix of humor, inspiration, surprise, and luck. Did you like the VW ad we posted? Head on here to check out more viral videos.

Now let’s head on to more news:

  • High fuel cost can be a pain, unless you know how to turn it into an advantage. Here’s a tip: airline companies.
  • The Philippines seems to be enjoying faster economic growth in the second quarter of the year, this will definitely help the overall turnout for 2011.
  • Hotel like living in Cebu is now a reality, thank to Marco Polo Residences. Enjoy luxurious amenities and proximity to key areas in the metro.
  • An Italian inspired community in the heart of Dasmarinas, Cavite. Check out Amalfi by Crown Asia, a resort styled residence promoting a laid back lifestyle.
  • Paper US Treasury Savings Bonds may no longer be available by next year, but this workaround may be helpful for those who still want to purchase paper bonds.
  • What does it really mean to become a “millionaire”? Find out how long it takes to achieve this exclusive status.