The weekly roundup – Back to school

Empty no more...

While kids are about to take their summer break in the US, school season has officially started in the Philippines. This year, the government is expecting around 28 million enrollees making their way back to the classrooms. Hotlines have been provided to address concerned individuals by giving them helpful information. At the same time, security has been tightened to ensure a smooth flow for students and commuters alike.

Here’s to another year full of lessons and experiences. Now, let’s move on to more news:

  • A picture is worth a thousand words. Check out this collection of photos from around the world, the best way to describe the week that has passed.
  • A new player in the market: newly listed Megawide Construction Corp. plans to double capital for business expansion. Check out their share price while they’re still hot.
  • Another mover in the stock market: Meralco shares go up and lifts stock market index to positive territory. This uptrend is good news for investors.
  • Have kids? Being in the vicinity of top schools can become an advantage. Little Baguio Terraces in San Juan offers just that, being situated near the business district and the university belt.
  • Reward yourself with comfortable living coupled with an artistic style: The Exchange Regency in Pasig offers luxury living with a touch of Zen, while being in the center of the commercial district.
  • What does Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have in common? Before they made their millions, they started out as interns. And so did these other successful people.