The weekly roundup – Photography and the American dream

So that's the difference...

With the advent of digital cameras, and with professional setups becoming more accessible to the public, it’s no surprise that photography is gaining popularity fast. And with that, the notion of turning photography into a livelihood may have crossed the minds of some people passionate about this craft. But is it worth the investment?

Seattle-based photographer Laurence Kim shares his thoughts on photography as a business and how it levels with other career options (in the US, at least). The article puts into perspective everything you must consider before quitting your day job and making photography your main source of income. Even if you’re not into photography, it’s definitely a good read as it shows you where you are positioned at the moment.

Now, let’s go to this week’s news:

  • Power generation has always been in the news, and the streak continues. The Lopez-led First Gen Corporation is beefing up its facilities to provide more power in the next four to five years.
  • The real estate industry is also on the rise early this year. Megaworld Corporation’s first quarter income is up by 12% compared to the previous year.
  • Telco magnate MVP reported to be interested in acquiring a basketball franchise in the NBA. We’ll see in a few months if this becomes reality.
  • Another residential project in the heart of Makati: Raffles Residences promises high construction standards and luxury living in the city.
  • Want to live besides the beach? Check out Alta Vista de Boracay, a leisure condo development by DMCI in Aklan.
  • Who says we can’t learn anything from comic strips? Let Scott Adams show you careers lessons courtesy of Dilbert.