The Weekly Roundup – March 2011: Tough Decisions

Decisions. You gotta make 'em.

This week’s news roundup is all about facing tough decisions. Decisions may be tough because it’s about appointing someone worthy to a critical position, combating issues such as poverty, or even because it’s about considering your retirement. Check out how people dealt with their decisions after the jump, and maybe you’ll find out if your own were that much of an issue.

  • Here’s an inside look on the Philippines’ new AFP chief. Integrity is what we’re hoping for in this appointment.
  • A former president has strong yet hopeful words about how to combat poverty in the Philippines, and the only thing sad about this is that we have to wait for the 2nd part of his article.
  • Philippine remittances’ volume are once again, near the top of the list. Maybe we really should have a permanent welcoming party at the airport to wait on our OFWs.
  • The secret to early retirement is surprisingly simple; Singlehood is not recommended in the long run.
  • Philippine Gov’t. agencies have banded together to make it easier for Fil-Ams to return or visit home.
  • The Economist has the Republican Party’s Presidential Candidate lineup for 2012. I really don’t know though if Obama’s shaking with fright or with laughter.
  • One blogger shares why paying to see something awesome (AKA seeing a Space Shuttle launch) is at the very least, worth it.
  • Filipinos in Singapore look no further for a home to go home to; Ayala Land’s Avida Condo projects will be featured in an exhibit near you.
  • We’ve beaten in India in the Guiness book of world records, and thankfully this record isn’t about human population density. Environmentalists rejoice!
  • Citigroup has this to say to the Philippine economy; you’re looking good. In 2011.
  • Tough decisions are a part of life when may not always enjoy; good thing there’s are guides to help us handle them.