The weekly roundup – Of golden statues and ecozones.

Show the rest of the world that Filipinos have some true grit, Hailee.

In this edition of the weekly roundup, we look at how progress is taking shape in the country, and why we should’ve watched the Oscars. More after the jump.

  • Looks like reform is on the right track for the Philippines. Bring home the bacon, P-Noy.
  • The Board of Investments has an idea for proliferating development around the country: tax-free business zones! The next thing is to do is to figure out how to move your home address there.
  • The glitz and glamour of Hollywood’s most anticipated event shines on 5 of our talented and beautiful kababayans.
  • There’s a new stock on the rise in the Philippine stock market, and it’s about to whet our appetite for growth.
  • Here’s an interesting addition to the growing list of reasons as to why political uprisings are becoming a trend in the Middle East.
  • For those looking for alternative ways to park and save their money, The Philippine government has an answer for you. Public interest for this has grown by Php 28 Billion.
  • The final journey to the final frontier; catch a glimpse of NASA’s last mission for the space shuttle Discovery.